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Edinburgh 7B
7B, Oktober 2019

Class 7B went to Scotland!

We were just looking for a week off school, before stress would swash over us like a wave, not very much thinking of what we could expect from the land in the north of England. Here´s a short summary of what we did and what we saw there.

It was amazing, I would say. (The students wanted me to write the report, so they have to agree (but I´m convinced they do)).

Our first impression was a nightly one. We arrived pretty late, were driven to a hostel in Edinburgh, where a lot of young night owls buzzed around. There was a rugby-fan-zone, but I doubt it was all rugby-fans that were there, obviously not sober. Well, we went to bed.

The next two days we were on a short trip through the highlands, skating over a lot of history of this proud country. I have to mention that we had a leader who was called “the best”. That was, how her colleague introduced her to us: Lindsay! She knew a lot, but also had a good feeling for the students’ needs and interests.

A whisky distillery (teachers: mmh!), Highland Folk Museum (Newtonmore), Loch Ness (of course), Urquart Castle, Culloden, Glenfinnan (with the “harry-potter-bridge), Glencoe, Sterling. Don’t be afraid, I won´t bore you with any details. You will have to go there yourselves if you want them, I´m afraid. The landscape can´t be described in my bumbling English. I´ll add a few pictures instead.

On Sunday evening, we arrived back in Edinburgh, the students were picked up by their hosts (although they didn´t seem as nervous about that as I was). Everything was fine. On Monday the serious part of the journey (der Ernst der Reise) started. School.

In the afternoons we explored the city of Edinburgh: We got to know Edinburgh, the dungeons, the castle, Calton Hill and what you can shop in Scotland’s capital. And that’s....a lot! One evening was dedicated to the ceilidh culture of Scotland: dances and backpipes. It was great fun but a truly sweaty affair. Finally, we left the heart of Midlothian on lawn market in order to come back!!!

Report: Magdalena Weiretmayr, Organization: Larissa Denk