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England 7S
7S, 28. September - 8. Oktober 2016

Our trip through England - 7S goes wild wild west!

In October the 7S went to England by coach. We went together with a class from the HBLA Lentia and a class from the Wallererstraße Gymnasium in Wels. Our first day we spent travelling to London on the coach for, like, 17 hours.

In London, we went through the city with our teachers (Prof. Hinterreitner & Fischer); after a long walk we had some free time there and we could go for food, shopping, anything we wanted.
Then we drove up to Cambridge, where we spent our first night. The very next day we visited the city and saw the beautiful university buildings there. In Duxford we visited the Royal Air Force museum and it was very interesting.
We also saw Shakespeare´s birth house in Stratford upon Avon and on the next day we heard something about the Roman baths - in Bath. It was raining cats and dogs on the way back to the coach and we all got completely soaked!

Then,eventually, we went all the way down to Cornwall; on the way there, we spent some time in Tintagel, where we had the best weather ever!! The cliffs were so beautiful and impressive. We took a lot of pictures there.
The next highlight was surfing in St. Yves. Even though we had freezing temperatures, we went into the cold sea; most of us tried it for the first time, so it was pretty funny seeing your mates nose diving.
Very impressive also, was the theatre built into the cliffs by a single lady. It´s called Minnack Theatre and really worth visiting.
Our last stop was Brighton. We spent our free time at the piers and amused ourselves there, saw the Royal Pavilion and finally made our way home through France, Belgium and Germany on the coach.

Our 12 day trip felt like 5 days because we had so much fun there and got to know new people/friends from the other classes.

Bericht: Leon K., 7S