Georg von Peuerbach-Gymnasium
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Cambridge 7CT
7CT, 4. - 11. Oktober 2016

When we arrived at the airport of Stansted after our flight, which lasted one and a half hours, we got onto the bus of the English Institute, which took us to Cambridge. There we got a little tour led by our guide called Marc. He showed us the basic locations we would need to know to be able to school in the morning or do the shopping without having to ask strangers in the streets or our teachers all the time.

On the following day our programme started. We had school from 9.30 am until 12.30 pm. Afterwards we had lunch and time to relax, which normally lasted for one and a half hours. Then footwork, which means going to the library or getting further information from people on the street to be able to present the project of our choice at the end of the week. In the evenings, we normally had some further activities like going to the cinema, theatre or bowling to make sure that definitely nobody got bored throughout the day.

The common days with school, footwork and evening programme were definitely great and everyone was in good mood, but the cherry on the cake were the two excursions to London on Saturday and Sunday, which everyone was looking forward to. The amount of impressions, not only on London, but also in Cambridge, were overwhelming. All the people, the markets, the skyscrapers and sights were surely a big experience for all of us.

None of us will ever forget a week!

Authors: Nico and Philip, 7CT