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Cambridge 7B
7B, 1.-8. Oktober 2015

Day 1

In der Früh trafen wir uns am Flughafen in Hörsching. Wir checkten zusammen ein und flogen nach London Stansted. Dort angekommen wurden wir von unserem Leiter Marc willkommen geheißen. Mit dem Bus fuhren wir 2 Stunden nach Cambridge, wo Marc mit uns einen kleinen Rundgang machte. Nach unserem anstrengenden Tag wurden wir von unseren Gastfamilien abgeholt, mit denen wir beim ersten Abendessen Zeit hatten, um uns ein wenig besser kennen zu lernen.

Day 2

The second day, we had to get up early to be at the building at about 9a.m., a Methodist church near the city centre, where we had to take English lessons every morning. First, we introduced ourselves and shortly talked about what we wanted to do regarding our project during the rest of the week, then we spent the rest of the forenoon playing a game, which was about one person standing in the middle of a circle made of chairs and saying the phrase "Change seats if you..." adding a condition (e.g.: change seats if you've been to France, etc.). About midday, we had lunch for about one and half an hour. After that, we spent the rest of the day doing fieldwork, which included an appropriate survey and interview (depending on the topic we had for our project presentation). At about 17:00 we were allowed to spend some time with our host families and in the evening we met to watch the film "Everest". 

Day 3

On Saturday, our third day in England we took the train to visit London. We spent the whole day there. The first famous place we visited was the Buckingham Palace, a nice and impressive building but flooded with tourists. Then we walked towards Big Ben and again, nice place but just overrun. We crossed the river and headed to the London Eye, a huge ferris wheel in the centre of London. Unfortunately we weren’t able to take a ride. To finish the day, we walked down Oxford Street, basically just a big shopping mall with a road in the middle. In the late afternoon we took the train back to Cambridge. It was a very exhausting day, with long walks, but all in all we enjoyed it.

Day 4

On Sunday our teachers took us to London again since every Sunday there is the famous street market in the EastEnd. First we strolled along the famous flower market at Columbia Road. After that we had some free time walking down Brick Lane where a huge street food and clothes market takes  place. Later that day Prof. Piesl and Prof. Tulzer divided our class in two groups and we had to choose whether if we wanted to walk across the Tower Bridge or to go up the Shard, which is the highest building of the metropolis. We really enjoyed our second day in London and after a "long" train ride back to Cambridge we were extremely happy to arrive at our host families' place to take a rest. 

Day 5

Am Morgen mussten wir wieder in den Unterricht bei Simon, der uns mit der Gestaltung unserer Plakate beauftragte. Von 12h bis 14h hatten wir dann unsere Mittagspause und somit Freizeit. Von 14h bis 17h hatten wir Zeit um Interviews zu führen und unsere Umfragen fertigzustellen. Dann führen wir wieder zu unseren Gastfamilien, aßen mit ihnen zu Abend. Um 19.30h mussten wir dann beim Leisure Park sein, wo unser Abendprogramm stattfand. Es stand Bowling am Plan. Wir teilten uns in 3 Gruppen aus und konnten zweimal spielen. Danach gingen wir wieder zu unseren Gastfamilien zurück.

Day 6

On the sixth of October we started our day at Wesley Church as usual where we had to work on our presentations. After school, we met our teachers with whom we went to the punting station at the river Cam. We got a short introduction then we split in three groups of six students and got into the boats. We thought that punting is easy because it looked so simple when others did it. Although it was raining all the time, we enjoyed it. When we finished most of us were very wet and had to go home to change clothes. After punting we had time for fieldwork where we asked people in the mall and searched for information in the library. Then we had the choice of going shopping or eating something. In the evening we met again to go to the theatre where we saw the modern performance of “TheTaming of the Shrew”.

Day 7

On Wednesday the 7th of October we met at the school at 8.55 a.m., but many of us were late because of the enormous traffic jam. The whole morning we were finishing our projects and at 12 o’clock, Marc came in to remind us that we had to be at King’s College at 5 p.m. and he urged us not to be late tomorrow morning. Then we had two hours of lunch break before presenting our projects. Presenting the project took about 1 hour. Afterwards we had free time until 5 o’clock. At 5 o’clock, we met at the entrance of King’s College to go to the Even Song. The Even Song started at 5.30 and lasted 45 minutes until 6.15. The day was finished when we drove home again to join our host families.

Day 8

An unserem letzten Tag haben wir sehr früh aufstehen müssen um unseren Bus rechtzeitig zu erwischen, denn unser Bus hat uns zwischen halb Sieben und Sieben abgeholt. Dann sind wir zum London Gatwick Flughafen gefahren und von dort aus ist unser Flug um ca. 12 Uhr abgeflogen. Nach zwei Stunden Flug, sind wir gut in Wien (Schwechat) angekommen. Von dort aus haben wir eine Direktverbindung nach Linz (Hauptbahnhof) genommen und waren um 18:14 Uhr in Linz.

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