Living Language Tree
6AB 6C, December 2013

In the week from December 2nd, 2013 to December 6th, 2013 classes 6A, 6B and 6C took part in an English project called “The Living Language Tree”.

Four English people called Ralph, Anna, Huw and Kate came to our school and they did a lot of things with us. This English course was not for learning grammar or vocabulary. It was only about speaking English all the time and so we were able to improve our pronunciation. Every day from the first to the fourth lesson we played a lot of games where we had to talk a lot and in the last two lessons we prepared our show which was on Friday. We played games like activity where we had to explain English words in English. Furthermore we created special and funny jobs and the others always had to apply for this job, in English of course. And these were only a few of the things we did. The final of the week was on Friday when we had our shows for some parents, teachers and another class. In these different stage plays we could show what we learned and how we improved our English this week.

We all think it was a funny week and we enjoyed it a lot.

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